I hand-make knives of my own design from
the initial concept to the finished product.
My love of fine craftsmanship is apparent in all my work.


SGC Blades

I am always experimenting with new designs, materials, and techniques, so my knives are constantly evolving. Although I make some knives to similar patterns, each is a unique creation; a true one-of-a-kind offering.

Custom Quality Work

I use my own hands for each operation involved, without the use of fixtures or jigs. The workmanship of my knives is guaranteed for life! Virtually all of the effort expended in the making of a knife is hand work. In this way, I develop a level of intimacy with the materials and processes that allows me to deeply understand the way things are coming together, and to compensate for things like variations in natural materials.

Looking for a Custom Hunting Knife?

I specialize in Custom Knives, so please e-mail me with your desires and I will make them a reality. Feel free to browse through this site to see what I have to offer. You will find samples of knives that I have made, are working on, and are available for purchase. If you see something that you like, but want to change it a little to make it your own … I can help.