I hand-make knives of my own design from
the initial concept to the finished product.
My love of fine craftsmanship is apparent in all my work.



I am always experimenting with new designs, materials, and techniques, so my knives are constantly evolving. Although I make
some knives to similar patterns, each is a unique creation; a true one-of-a-kind offering.

Johanus Haidner
he makes the best practice swords I've seen so far. He also makes great sharps!

Johanus Haidner
I've handled a lot of different practice swords, and I have to say this is by far my favourite. Now I wish I had ordered one of these instead of the one that I did... Next time for sure!

Aaron Babb
Samuel let me take this for a spin. Oh... my...gosh! It handles so well. It likes to cut and it Really likes thrusts. It winds like a tornado. Excellent worksmanship and it's pretty too.

Martin Senneker, Vauxhall, AB
I am a trapper, and 2 years ago I asked Garth if he would make me a custom beaver skinner. He did and it's exactly what I wanted. If he took a bunch to a trapper's convention he would sell out easily.

Gary Nickel, Borden, SK
I recieved a hunting knife from Garth about 5 years ago. I use it for everything from skinning dead calves, cutting twine from the bales and skinning deer when I go hunting. I keep it in the truck so it's always at hand should I need it.

Ken Weirs, Meadow Lake, SaskatchewanI recieved a beautiful hunter/tactical knife from Garth many years ago. The truth is, I have never used it. I kept it as a show piece.

Don McKinnon, Calgary, AB
When I learned that Garth made quality knives, I asked if he could fashion a Sgian Dubh to fit in my sock when I am wearing the kilt. He said "No Problem!" and 2 weeks later presented me with a stainless steel blade with an ebony handle. The handle has my family coat of arms inset in it and enscribed on the blade is the family motto in Gaelic. It is a marvelous piece which I and future generations of my family will treasure. Thanks Garth.

Mark Harris (Trailwalker), Champaign County, IL, USA
I recieved the TACTICAL II and it is far better that I had anticipated. The pic really does not do this knife justice. I am now unsure wether I want to actually use it or not. Beautiful Job Garth.

Chris Waterstreet, High River, AB
I began wood carving about 2 years ago. At any course that I went to, the big thing to do would be to check out all the knives that each carver was using. I had seen and tried a lot of different knives, but none of them fit my hand very well. Everyone said that was just the way carving knives were. I could not accept this. Then I talked to Garth Thompson about making one for me. The biggest challenge was to find a knife handle that was wide and thin so it could fit in the palm of my hand for regular use so that I didn't have to grip it tightly to use it. I also need to be able to hold the knife like a pencil for finer detail work. I gave Garth a rough idea of what I wanted and what I needed. The finished product was exactly what I was looking for. I can do my detail work without the wider base of the handle in the way, and because of the wide base and thin neck, I can carve for a long period of time without my hand or palm getting tired from holding the knife too hard. I also got Garth to make one for each of my parents. This year at the carving course, I will have everyone wanting to try my knife (CARVER), and I won't be needing to try any of theirs.